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About ART Corporate Solutions

Over the years ART was primarily delivered through individual private practices and word spread from patient to patient and athlete to athlete. Then as repetitive stress conditions became more prevalent, ART became utilized for such care as well. As the workers’ compensation arena is quite political and the number of ART providers is still relatively small, many cases never end up in the care of an ART provider and still many people (including medical professionals) are learning about the treatment.

Approximately seven years ago ART began delivering on-site care to corporations who had significant expenses in the area of MSD’s, high recordable injury rates, or who simply wanted to prevent conditions from developing as their population ages. A pilot program took place at Sanmina- SCI in Fountain, CO. SCI’s worker’s compensation costs were approaching 1 million dollars and primarily were attributed to soft tissue injuries. At the time SCI had around 1100 employees. ART placed an experienced ART provider on-site at SCI for 6 hours per week (two 3-hours shifts on separate days). SCI permitted employees to periodically have their backs, elbows, shoulders, knees, hands or wrists attended to from a preventative maintenance standpoint (much like what maintenance technicians do for machinery). Individuals with minor aches or discomforts that had not become formal “injuries” were also permitted to see the ART provider. After one year SCI’s soft tissue expenses reduced by approximately 80% and ART helped SCI maintain these savings for over 3 years. Sanmina-SCI’s EH&S Manager, Mary Betsch, stated,

Although SCI has made efforts in other areas to reduce workers’ compensation costs, our significant reduction in expenses is largely due to ART’s program.

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