Wellness Journal

Are you protected from the Flu?

For those that didn’t know it, we are in week 7 of flu season and Arizona ranks the highest in the nation! We need to keep conscience of a few things so the we don’t become infected. Besides washing your hands…

Here are 4 simple ways to keep you healthy during flu season.

  1. Hydrate – A virus as a harder time invading a cell that is properly hydrated. Everyone should consume the the body weight in ounces of water. For example. 150lb = 150 oz of H2O (about a gallon)
  2. Take Your Vitamins – Still cheaper that an urgent care bill. A good multi-vitamin/mineral is the best insurance policy against getting run down and landing up sick.
  3. Probiotics – Roughly 70% of your immune system is found in the gut. Probiotics are selective strains of good bacteria that your body utilizes to maintain a healthy immune and system digestive.
  4. SLEEP – If you can’t or don’t get 8 hours a sleep a night, try it out! Imagine how much more productive you can be on a full tank of energy! Don’t forget to treat your body well today and let us help you keep InMotion!

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