Wellness Journal

Do you suffer from shoulder pain?

Do you feel like your shoulder hurts when you are reaching to hang your clothes, vacuuming, or reaching for a glass of water? These are common complaints that I see in our office with soft tissue shoulder injuries. Active Release Technique uses Complex Protocols to focus on 2 muscles at once to relieve your pain. The provider will take one of the muscles and lock it out, while moving the other muscle to free it from its adhesion’s. Typically your first visit at our office will be an assessment of your range of motion so we can assess the proper muscle to work on. Most treatments range between 15-30 minutes. At InMotion we try to see you 3 to 6 times per area of concern. Shoulder pain is not something that you have to live with. We can decrease the pain in just a few visits. For an example, if you sit at a computer all day and use dual monitors, you tend to look to one monitor during the day. This will shorten the one side of your neck and shoulder causing tightness. This will pinch on the nerve, create adhesion’s, and you will feel an achy pain throughout your day. If you are interested in our latest technique in Complex Protocols, we are located in Ahwatukee!