Wellness Journal

Notice for all Car Accident Victims

Car accidents are stressful both physically and mentally for all parties involved.  Car accidents in Phoenix are a daily menace.  It’s important to know that insurance companies are trying to take advantage of consumers that find themselves in these situations by coercing claimants into settling their case as quickly as possible.  The insurance companies have only one objective: take care of their bottom lines.  Keep the following in mind if you or your friend or loved ones ever find themselves in this situation:

  1. If you have been in an auto accident, DO NOT agree to give a recorded statement to the opposing insurance company.
  2. It is permissible to speak to them for property damage purposes, but not in a recording.  They will try to force you to be recorded, but there is nothing in the law that requires  you to consent to this process
  3. If you have questions or are concerned about what the insurance company is trying to do, please feel free to ask the doctor, or consult with an attorney.
  4. If you agree to a recording and if you agree in the recording, to settle your claim, you will be prevented from collecting any future damages.

These statements act in no way as legal advice and is for informational purposes only.  If you are in a car accident you may want to consult an attorney before speaking with your insurance company.