Wellness Journal

Performance Care Level ART (for Athletes)

Performance Care Level ART involves a system of analysis of the body in motion in conjunction with manual therapy designed to improve athletic performance. An ART provider, who is trained in biomechanics, can provide athletes with a system to enhance their sports performance by identifying and releasing restrictions that reduce their performance during their activity.

The first step is involves the ART provider watching the athlete perform the athletic event. When observing an activity several factors are looked for. Asymmetrical movements, shortened ranges of motion, and excessive effort are among the most common problems. This step is the most important and technically difficult. Many of the problems require a very well trained eye and years of experience to identify. The observer needs a strong understanding of biomechanics and knowledge of common dysfunctions associated with the sport being observed.

The ART provider next combines his finding from the biomechanical analysis with a hands-on palpation process. The provider uses their developed tactile ability with knowledge of over 500 specific protocols to address any restrictions to soft tissue structures. This is achieved via precise hand placements on or in between the muscle(s) while the athlete provides slow movements to free any adhered structures and restore proper function of the effected soft tissues.

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