Wellness Journal

Wellness-Preventative Level ART (WPL-ART):

Physical labor, an “Aging Workforce,” activities outside of work, poor posture and many other factors can surely take a physical toll on the human body. The Wellness-Preventative Level ART program was designed to maintain the muscular and joint systems of an employee base. Most employers currently utilize Maintenance Technicians to prevent the breakdown or downtime of valuable machinery. Employees tend to be the most valuable asset of any corporation, yet traditionally the only care provided occurs once an employee becomes injured significantly enough to warrant medical intervention. With WPL-ART the focus is put on maintaining the muscular wellness of a workforce and preventing musculoskeletal (MSD’s) from occurring.

This level of ART care is primarily utilized by ART Corporate Solutions’ client companies, within corporate settings. ART providers work closely with onsite health and safety professionals to develop a strong understanding of various job descriptions. Ergonomic modifications and improvements are taken into consideration* and ART’s programs are considered a complement to ergonomics, not a replacement. Past trends in injury experiences are analyzed. Employees are listened to. Note: Employee participation in such wellness programs is strictly voluntary. ART implements and offers employee well-check assessments for various relevant regions of the body (shoulder, back, elbows, wrists, hands, knees, feet). If tight or restricted areas are identified the employee may elect to receive specific movement based massage techniques to prevent tight muscles from becoming a worse condition. The Wellness-Preventative Level ART program is completely proactive rather than reactive.